cap decorating ideas which should make you feel awesome

There are various sort of old bottles which we neglect entirely and kept aside as a waste item, can be utilized to produce a brand-new art type. There are various types of art type that we see around us and there is a distinct principle of utilizing the waste item in a distinct method. Old waste bottles can be utilized to develop various functional things in our lives. One can quickly utilize old bottles with various shapes to form lamps or tree pots or other things. So start checking out junk art ideas which may make you feel amazing immediately.

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1. Vertical Garden

1-vertical-gardenRosenbaum and Luciano Huck

2. Chandelier

2-chandelierSarah Turner

3. Beautiful Mosaic From Caps Left By Hurricane Sandy


3-1-beautiful-mosaic-from-caps-left-by-hurricane-sandyLisa Be | Project Vortex

4. Spoon Lamp


4-1-spoon-lampYaroslav Olenev

5. Jewelry Stand




6. Cherry Blossom Paint Stamp

7. Parking Canopy


7-1-parking-canopyGarth Britzman

8. Christmas Tree




9. Intricate Bottle Vase

10. Durable Purse


10-1-durable-purseZitta Schnitt

11. Hanging Chandelier

11-hanging-chandelierMichelle Brand |

12. Lake Boat

12-lake-boatTom Davies

13. Curtain

13-curtainMichelle Brand

14. Bird Feeder | FamilyFun Magazine

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