How To Knit A Hat – Knitting Tutorial with Tara Stiles

We’ve teamed up with yoga guru Tara Stiles to teach you how to knit a hat step-by-step. Perfect for beginners! Suitable for both guys & gals 🙂 Click ‘Show More’ for details on what we’ll cover, what supplies we used and where else you can find Tara on the interweb.

In this video we will go through:

00.52 – 04.53: How to cast on (AKA how to get those woolly stitches on your needle)
04.54 – 08.35: Knitting and Purling (AKA Seed / Moss Stitch)
08.36 – 09.43: Take stitches off your needle and drawstring your hat
09.44 – 11.33: Sew it all up
11.34 – 15.37: Pompom time! 11.34 – 15.37
15.38 – 17.10: Sewing on your pompom and finishing off your hat