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This build-up by Miru Kim really clears me out. Taking exposed self-pictures in areas we would not set out go to ,

Miru draws excellence from old and gave up city stations, burrows, water passages, mausoleums, making plants, recovery centers, and mortuaries. It takes a fantastic offer of guts and resolves to check out these abandoned puts separated. Miru was conceived in Stoneham, Massachusetts in 1981, however was brought up in Seoul, Korea. She returned to Massachusetts in 1995 to go to Phillips Academy in Andover and transferred to New York City in 1999 to go to Columbia University. Check the gallery.

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Tour St-Jacques, Paris

Revere Sugar, Brooklyn, NY

Glenwood, Yonkers, NY

Metro St-Martin, Paris

Petite Ceinture, Paris

Luv Tunnel, NYC, NY

Freedom Tunnel, NYC, NY

Farm Colony, SI, NY

Nursing Home, Brooklyn, NY

Morgue, Letchworth, NY

Richmond Power, Philly, PA

Columbia U, NYC, NY

Carrire, St-Germain-en-Laye

Wiesenberg, Berlin

Ruinas de Copan, Honduras