Caring Husband Creates Giant Scented Flower Garden to Make His Blind Wife Smile Again

In Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture, more than 7,000 people come to visit this attractive phlox moss allotment in Shintomi Town. The garden may provide any given day in the months for example, March and April being drawn both by the beauty of this fragrant purple carpet and the moving story late its very reality. In fact, the story such this popular tourist spot may be found back to 1956 at what time Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, a just married couple, has purchased a plot of land in Shintomi. In this involvement, the couple assembled a house and a dairy farm on it and worked hard for many years, nursing to a herd of 60 cows. Eventually, when the couple retired, they anticipated getting a trip around Japan, but things did not relatively turn out as they had scheduled.


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