Stitch of the Week Triangle Stitch Pattern (Free Pattern at the end of video)

This week’s stitch is called the Triangle Stitch. This is a pattern worked in one row of single crochet and one row of triangle stitches. Two row repeat. This is a very pretty open lace pattern working 3 hdc together over 3 stitches to create the triangles. Let me show you step by step how to do this stitch pattern. ... Read More »

Highly simple sleepy dwarf pictures

The above revealed link provides some intriguing news about the world’s prettiest dwarf kitty , which ends up being a web experience, socializes with irritated feline. Born with some congenital disease the small kittycat referred to as Lil Bub was discovered in a tool shed in rural Indiana. Being called as perma-kitten, she will remain in the very same state ... Read More »

Stitch of the Week Tunisian Double Twist LEFT- HANDED VERSION

Tunisian Double Twist Stitch pattern LEFT-HANDED VERSION is now available. Right Handed version has already been posted in my other videos. Beautiful textured stitch pattern. FREE PATTERN at the end of video or email me directly at and request # 226. Please like, comment and subscribe to my channel. Happy crocheting Credit video : Creative Grandma Creative Grandma Read More »

Quite cute French artists modern

Dran is a French street artist who has actually produced some of the most remarkable images on the wall. Wall paintings are a trend in the western nations and we get to see numerous street arts on the walls of the street as we roam across the streets. Many street artist painters have actually used the wall to show different ... Read More »

Really simple Mora artist

Spanish artisan Antonio Mora is an innovative photo taker who changes straightforward representations into wonderful scenes filled with fascinating feeling . In the plan, entitled Dream Portraits , the craftsman exquisitely blends two elements together to frame a special combination where certain lines and shapes are no clearer. The spectacular representations include hauntingly terrific countenances that rise from hazy highly ... Read More »

Amazing superb making rings from coins

Originator Nicholas Heckaman of The Ring Tree carefully handmades point by point rings out of US coins. The Gainesville, Florida-based planner at first discovered his competence when he was looking for the ideal ring to propose to his spouse with. He determined how to make a distinct wedding band out of a silver coin with a mallet and ” a ... Read More »

Really cool oil painting from a photo

Whenever you visit this link you will simply get amazed by seeing the images which resembles like a painting. You will fell that these are some incredible paintings that are created utilizing reasonable amount of color and creative works. However in reality these are images that are taken with the assistance of the electronic camera. These are the images of ... Read More »

Love notes for him which might make you feel superb

Relationships relive with various intriguing quotes communicated by both the partners. Frequently, it is seen that couples communicate their feelings to their enjoyed one through various kinds of intriguing quotes and these quotes make them delighted once again and once again. Particularly, to caring partners, like quotes have its supreme, originality and these quotes are quickly discovered all over around ... Read More »

Free Pattern at the end of the video

This week’s stitch of the week is called the Cat Stitch. This pattern looks likes cats when you change colors every three rows. Very adorable pattern. Works up quick and easy. Have fun trying a new stitch. Please like, comment and subscribe to my channel. Happy crocheting!! Credit Video : Creative Grandma Creative Grandma Read More »

Highly lovely book surgeon

Art can not be restricted within any fixed standards or mediums and it can be developed from anything that you see around yourself. In this short article you will check out about one such type of art that is developed by taking the pages of the books. As soon as you click on the link you will be welcomed by ... Read More »

Quite special rain on flower

Flowers are among the most gorgeous productions of god on our world earth. Individuals enjoy to see the flowers as they are the most lovely trait that has ever occurred on the earth. Flowers are actually beautiful and contributed to that they are more attractive when a soothing fragrance exists with them. In this above mentioned link you will get ... Read More »

How to crochet a Basket weave stitch hat (Basketweave) Step-by-Step Video tutorial crocheting

Learn how to crochet a basket weave stitch hat. It’s fast and easy to do. It is a repeating pattern of front post double crochet stitches and back post double crochet stitches. This hat can be adjusted to fit Women – Use I hook (5.5mm) Men – use J hook (6.0mm) and Children use H hook (5mm) I used a ... Read More »