I moved Down Under in 2008. From the gray London to the blue Sydney it was a dream coming true. For people living on the other side of the world Australia is seen as the ultimate destination.The long flight and the different time zone is what stop many people for making a go of it Down Under, but doesn’t stop ... Read More »

Amazing Photographs That Look Like Photoshopped But They Are Not

Although the post is something different, you could have seen many photos or images being been photo shopped and enthused others. In this post, there are listing several amazing photographs that seem like they are photo-shopped, but in reality, they are not. Accordingly, these are the miracle creations of photographers that practice their inspiration include a different angle and method ... Read More »

Tiebele: One-of-a Kind African Village With Beautifully Decorated House Walls

Decorating house walls is not a new thing for small communities. Women in the villages often engage in painting houses to mark the inherent spirit of the people living there. The houses in Tiebele, in Burkina Faso, a small country near Ghana in Africa are all in this way ornamented with incredibly precise and delicate folklore patterns. The country may ... Read More »

Photographer Spends 25 Years Trying To Document The Majestic Beauty Of Whales And Dolphins

Christopher Swann has spent over 25 years taking majestic photographs of whales and dolphins, and as you can see from these beautiful pictures, the British photographer and cetacean enthusiast clearly has an intimate bond with these awe-inspiring marine mammals. “I love the beauty and perfection of the sea,” Swann told mymodernmet. “Cetaceans epitomise that, and nothing is more perfect than ... Read More »

Magical Forest-Inspired Jewelry By Cheryl Lee

Do you sometimes just want to bring a piece of magic with you wherever you go? Have you ever dreamt about visiting a fairytale forest? If yes, you will for sure love these jewellery designs. Florida-based artist Cheryl Lee creates nature-inspired accessories that instantly make you think of fairies and gnomes. She combines clay and natural elements, like seashells and ... Read More »