Pretty stunning types of houses in Africa

The above site link shares some of the stunning pictures of different sort of shelters from all parts of the world. These images as shared in the link were recorded by the popular Peter Menzel, who covers international function stories on everything from the science to the environment. Being a professional photographer, who has worked for National Geographic, shares his views how the queen of daytime television , yes Oprah herself, concerned affect his life. His website is filled with incredible pictures under numerous subjects such as food, water air and even death. His productions are well covered in this wonderful link.


So start looking for different types of shelter today.

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Mud-Walled House in W. African City of Djenne, Mali

Earth House in Shingkhey, Bhutan

Round Homes in Ha-Matiyane Village, Venda, South Africa

Pink House, in Lerma Village, Yucatan, Mexico

Houses in Ittoqqortoormiit Village, Greenland

Adobe Style Homes in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Soviet-Style Apartment Blocks in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

High-Rise Apartment in Caracas, Venezuela

Tract Housing in Sun City, Arizona

Prefab House in Novato, CA