I moved Down Under in 2008. From the gray London to the blue Sydney it was a dream coming true.


For people living on the other side of the world Australia is seen as the ultimate destination.The long flight and the different time zone is what stop many people for making a go of it Down Under, but doesn’t stop them for dreaming about it.

I have been lucky enough to be presented with an opportunity to live and work in Sydney and here i am after seven years enjoying a great lifestyle.

As photographer the first thing i noticed when i landed was the strong, clear, and vibrant light, the rich colours of the red earth, the vivid blue skies and breathtaking vistas.

I never get tired of Bondi Beach which is just few minutes from the City. The surf culture in Bondi is strong and there is always plenty of action in the water with some of the best surfers in the world.
But whilst Bondi is the most famous beach in Australia there are actually hundreds of surf beaches that cater to all levels of surfing skills.

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